Teenage Pimp Arrested for Running Multi-Million Dollar Prostitution Ring

Teenage Pimp Arrested for Running Multi-Million Dollar Prostitution Ring


One of the realities of growing up and becoming a teenager is finding your first job. It’s a way to gain some independence and have a bit of spending cash on your own so that you don’t always have to rely on your parents. For one enterprising fifteen-year-old in Spokane, Washington his first job ended up making him thousands and thousands of dollars each week.

The only problem: He was running an illegal prostitution ring out of his mother’s home.

The teenager, who has only been identified as “DH” caught the attention of authorities when his 17-year-old brother was involved in a shooting.

The brother who was also alleged to have helped with the prostitution ring, had apparently carried out the shooting in order to keep a snitch quiet about their illegal operation.

That’s when the police decided to wiretap the phones in order to investigate further:

“On recorded phone calls they heard T.H. telling D.H. how to run a prostitution ring, using, among others, the brothers’ girlfriends as prostitutes. One of those girls, who was underage, has a child with T.H. Police say D.H. was using Backpage.com to advertise the girls, then would send them out to calls. According to court documents the brothers talked in code, saying things like “Make them think they’re going to be reimbursed, even if they’re not,” and “Treat them right, that way they stay around, and make sure they do the calls.”

After the being tipped off through phone calls, the cops then set up meetings with the underage girls. When questioned about the boy and his involvement, the young women quickly gave the teenage pimp and placed him under arrest.

The cops quickly discovered the boys were making up to $50k a week from the ring.