Man Arrested for Drinking & Riding Hoverboard Dies in Jail

Man Arrested for Drinking & Riding Hoverboard Dies in Jail


The BFMF or Black Folks Matter Foundation is investigating the suspicious death of Walter White a 21 year old black man who died in the St Gatchimina County jail.

BFMF reports that White was approached by police officer Andrew Jackson a 20 year veteran and asked to take a breathalyzer. White was riding his Hoverboard erraticly and allegedly heavily intoxicated.

Officer Jackson claimed he smelled alcohol on him so strong it was coming through his pores. So he was subsequently arrested for operating a motor vehicle under the influence. He was placed in a jail cell to sober up but was found the next morning unresponsive and pronounced dead at 6:06am.

BFMF has launched a massive campaign to investigate the suspicious death. Spokesperson for the organization Bruce Lane released a statement.

“We think it is ridiculous that a black man dies yet again in police custody, and this sends a terrible message to our kids that you can’t even ride a hovernoard, we want justice”

We will keep you posted as this story develops.