Jaden Smith to have Penis Removed on 18th Birthday

Jaden Smith to have Penis Removed on 18th Birthday


“Just another step toward blurring the gender lines. Without a penis I’m neither male or female. I’m a human being.”

Said Jaden Smith about the news to make the big chop on his 18th birthday.

Jaden tweeted to his millions of Twitter followers that upon turning 18 he would have his penis removed and dipped in gold as a trophy for his room.

“I’ve been wanting to do this since 13, but once I’m legally able to control my own finances I can make my penisless dreams come true” – Jaden Smith

Jade says he will also drop the ‘n’ off of his name and become just Jade once the surgery is final.

  • Kristin Ann Chisom

    Sick twisted corrupt people in this world. It’s one thing to have a sex change but it’s Psychotic to have your penis removed and gold it and use it as a trophy

    • Ricky Macwilliams

      You realize this is a parody news site right?

  • Ryan Smith

    Why can’t we as people be comfortable wit the gender we are given? God made us this way for a reason if we try to get it reversed or whatever that’s saying we are ashamed of gods creation of us and I don’t think we should be. Man that’s heartbreaking..

  • Jack

    Why don’t you just say you want to be a transgender wanna be sick freak instead of trying to make a big deal out of it you sidewalk sissy.

  • Kev Mor

    See thats the prob wit the music an TV brainwashing people the new generations all messed up an confused he talking about he wanna be a human being what a dumb ass u already are

  • Lisa Jordan

    Please do not do this, your parents should stop you , if this is not some insane joke, you are a very handsome young man ,just be a man, and Love yourself , God made you this way ,trust in the Lord ,read the bible and go to a Church that believes in Jesus, remember ,Adam, Eve was made for him, Adam an Eve ,not Adam an Steve, be strong, and be a leader not a follower, be who you were born to be. get married and pray to our Lord,he will lead you, sincerely Ms. Jordan., if you need a friend ,call me ,or email me, LisaJordan1230@gmail.com, 516-582-9794., God Loves You in Jesus name.

  • Melissa Romany

    Wat madness is this and just imagine my daughter likes and she’s only 3 wow some role model u are….