Interracial Couple Hated On By Social Media Trolls

Interracial Couple Hated On By Social Media Trolls


Jeff and Miranda Jackson said they’ve faced intense criticism from coworkers, strangers and bloggers for their interracial marriage, but have learned a couple important lessons.

“I’ve learned haters gonna hate and it’s important not to feed the trolls because it’ll just make things worse,” Miranda said. “Haters say I’m a fat ugly bitch. I say big is beautiful. I’m very proud of my body. Haters say I shouldn’t be married to a black man because it’s against God or whatever. I love my black husband. I don’t even respond to haters anymore”

Jeff said he loves his wife very much, but the cruel comments he’s faced from being called a ‘chubby f**ker’ and a ‘honky f*cker’ have tested the bonds of his marriage.

“I’ve often wondered if it would be easier to leave Miranda, but I love her. I love her body. I love her personality. I just have to accept that haters gonna hate and I can’t feed the trolls.”