Biggest Internet Scams People Always Fall for are EXPOSED

Biggest Internet Scams People Always Fall for are EXPOSED


People Expose Scams That Most People Don’t Even Realize

I realize the pyramid schemes are scams and I still fall for them all the time. Always looking to get rich quick.

Sometimes the guys involved have their heart in the right place. They are just blinded. But I once got pitched on one while I was in Utah and the dude was selling it so hard and he had a response to every little hole I tried punching in his plan. Finally when I said it was a pyramid scheme he lost it.

It’s not a pyramid scheme! It’s a reverse funnel! He proceeded to draw out a f*cking pyramid.

It’s not a scam. It’s a the quickest way to lose your friends.

Companies that own both sides of the competition.
Brand-name over-the-counter pain relief, when compared to the generic own-brand. Mucinex: $14/20 pills Guaifenesin (same thing) from the “poor people” shelf at Wal-Mart: $0.88/15 pills
The biggest download buttons. Always
Selling Mary Kay / Amway / Scentsy / ugly ass jewelry / Jamberry and ItWorks! wraps for a pyramid company and inviting all your friends to parties where you can guilt them into buying shit.
Star registries. Do you really think that scientists will let you legit name a star after your dog for $50? But for $50 you can sure as hell name one in my “registry” that the is recognized by no other organization anywhere. Blows my mind people fall for this shit.
Any ab program that doesn’t include a diet portion. That’s really the most important part of having abs, since they are only visible with low body fat. You can do as many sit ups as you want, but if you want visible abs, you need to drop some weight no matter what. (This is also how you get the ‘toned’ look)
Norton Antivirus
Your recently deceased relative somewhere far away isn’t real and the nice legal representative who got in touch with you is a scammer
I went shopping today and saw some Hellmans ‘Real Olive Oil’ mayonnaise-style dressing.Why not call it mayonnaise? I checked the ingredients list.First ingredient? 49% rapeseed oil. Round about tenth – 5% olive oil.
That’s a scam. Putting a tiny bit of the original ingredient in merely so that you can mislead potential purchasers. Scumbag Hellmans.

HDMI cables. Spending $5 gets you the same quality for home equipment as the $100+ ones.
Well, I found this at my local grocery store, and I’d say it’s pretty obviously a scam.
H2O + ..some more O? Makes a lot of sense!

You know how there are ridiculously priced items at restaurants? They are usually there to deceive you so that blowing $20 on pasta doesn’t seem like a big deal as compared to a $28.50 ravioli.
Natural herb and supplement shops. I once overheard one of those shop owners utter the words “medical grade” cinnamon.These are the modern equivalent of snake oil salesmen. All of them cleverly using today’s health buzz words (all-natural, organic, sun-kissed) to sell the local farmer’s weeds to middle aged women.
The Long Island Medium, John Edward, and others.

It makes my blood boil when psychics talk to grieving people and pretend to communicate with the deceased.
School fundraiser companies.Companies approach schools, usually elementary schools, and get them to work with them to host a fundraiser for the school. The companies send reps in to do talks with the kids and say “sell X number of products from the catalogue and get Y free stuff as a reward!” The company gets the kids all hyped up thinking “if I sell 100 boxes of cookie dough I’ll get a limo ride to the movies!” The kids are all amped up to sell crap and most of the time, parents buy shit out of obligation. Yes, let me spend $18 for a box of cookie dough and $22 for a set of Tupperware. Then, the kid gets some shitty plastic piece of shit reward, and the money I spent? Schools get, on average, $6 for every $20 spent.

It really aggravates me because it’s hard to explain to eager-to-sell kids that hey, this is a huge money grubbing scam, but it’s always 100% better to write a check to the school and request it be directed for use for your child’s classroom. That means it has direct impact on your kid’s class, and 100% of your donation is used for the betterment of the class/school.

Free tickets to a show in VegasMy mother and father got free tickets to go see criss angel in Vegas while they were there. They accepted them, and then they and a bunch of other people were put on a bus, and taken 2 or 3 hours out in the desert to a building.They entered and it was a timeshare meeting, and the time share people were so pushy. They (mother, father) tried leaving, but the bus didn’t leave for a while, and met another lady who was on the bus for the past 4 hours waiting for it to leave and take her back to the city.

Eventually they went and saw the show, and it sucked, criss angel spent the show just being dumb, and showing photos of him being potty trained.